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    Default Sara-Paras and Ali-Jinita; couples at war...when relationships go wrong...tempers fly

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    Human relationships are very strange. Why do we say so? Well, consider the curious case of ex flames Ali Mercchant and Sara Khan (currently seen in Life OK’s Junoon).

    It is known by all that they split post their wedding stint in Bigg Boss.

    Since then both Ali and Sara have moved on. Sara is in a secure relationship with Paras Chhabra (MTV Splitsvilla, The Serial) and Ali is also involved with struggling actress/model Jinita Sheth.
    But there is a maha twist in the tail.

    According to sources, Jinita calls up Paras and asks him to tell Sara not to speak to Ali’s mother.

    The source added that sometimes Ali also messages Paras, asking him… “Bro can I call you?”

    The sources adds, “This communication naturally created some doubts between Sara and Paras, but the love between them was so strong that they realized that may be Ali is trying to create confusion between the two and also trying to milk some free publicity.”

    When we spoke to Sara she was angry at Ali and Jinita for attempting to spoil her relationship with Paras, who she loves a lot.

    “First thing it was Ali’s mother who kept contacting me till a while back hoping to get us together again but I did not respond.”

    She further revealed: “Jinita’s messages created tension between me and Paras, hence I did a conference call with Jinita, Ali’s mother and Paras to clear the air. I don’t have anything to do with Ali or Jinita and if ever in the future some issues crop up, I would prefer that Ali directly talks to me rather than using his girlfriend as a shield.”

    When we spoke to Paras, he was also very furious, “If I ever meet Ali, I will beat him black and blue. I don’t want anyone to create trouble between Sara and me. Whatever happened between them was in the past and I don’t want anyone to re-open old equations, else I will get very angry.”

    Hmm…quite a murky situation. We give equal opportunity to all parties to share their side of the story. Accordingly, we buzzed Ali and he averred, “Jin (Jinita), who is my close friend, messaged both Sara and Paras only once for Sara was contacting my mother. She even met her. I only told Jin to contact for I did not want to get into touch with them directly. Look, we have long split up so why is Sara again trying to contact my mom? What does she want? We just wanted Sara to stay away from me and my family.” Ali further claims that Sara has even asked forgiveness from his mother.

    He also rejects Sara’s contention that Jinita’s messages created friction between her and Paras. “That would be the case if I contacted… I guess they already have their own set of problems.”

    We also buzzed Jinita – who claims to be a corporate lady and does casual modeling – for her side of the story and she emailed us this long quote (reproducing it as it is), “Let’s not blend in the past and the future as this is a major invasion in my privacy and nobody can randomly be so judgmental about it. I am not a person who would splurge this issue all over since I chose a matured way out because it just does not involve me but a lot of other people in our lives and I don't choose for them to pay for it. All I believe is when a person clearly decides to socially/publicly/personally move on, the past has no right to invade. Why let your emotions rule your mind when your perspective and priorities are clear. Why use past as a self sympathy when you blossom in present. Why put Ali down on reality show, decide to never see his face, force to remove Ali from the show and then go meet his family! Let’s keep it simple eh? You can't have your past and present together right. (Sara Khan is a wonderful human and a hard working girl. With all due respect I really wish her and Paras great success ahead. Ali Mercchant and me have gone a long way and have crossed a lot of barriers and will continue to remain as thick as ever. I am blessed to know he has no time for this anymore. We all believe in forgive and forget than forgive and revenge and move on.”

    We again contacted Sara and shared Jinita’s version with her and she vented saying, “What nonsense is this. The only reason why I met Ali’s mother was that I have a car which is in her name and I wanted it transferred to mine. So I called her one day, she requested me to drop in which I did as I was shooting close to her place. She had promised me to solve my vehicle issue if I went.”

    And what about Ali’s “forgiveness” claims? “Why should I ask forgiveness when I did not do anything wrong, if anybody wished to let bygones be bygones it was Ali’s mother.”

    In closing Sara also said, “Ali is lying again by saying Jinita just contacted Paras and me once. She has done it many times. She also requested not to tell Ali about it.”

    Phew…lot of bad blood indeed…whatever be it….we just hope that everyone finds peace and moves on…literally!!!



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