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    Default Sangeeta Kapure bed-ridden; find out why...

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    It was all fine till Sangeeta Kapure’s first day on the sets of Life OK’s Savitri.
    So what happened?

    Here is the exact story…

    A couple of days ago, Sangeeta, who is currently seen in Mahadev and Savitri, was rehearsing a scene on the sets of Savitri when she felt a pain in the lower portion of her back. Though the actress realized that something wasn’t right, but even then she decided on ignoring the pain and continued shooting.

    Since the shoot was to go on from 4 in the afternoon to 4 the next morning, Sangeeta experienced excruciating pain and found it difficult to even more around. This is when the production team came to her rescue and completed the shoot fast.

    When the actress reached her doctor, she was asked to be on complete bed rest for almost a week as her condition had worsened.

    To understand the issue better, we contacted the actress when she said, “I have had this lower back issue for a long time now, but did not realize it that day on the shoot and the condition worsened. At the moment, I can hardly move my body but should be on my feet in four to five days’ time according to my doctor.”

    Asked if she had done something by which the pain intensified, she added, “I did nothing for this pain to occur. I just bent down to pick up something while the scene was on and my back caught up.”

    Ask her about work and she quipped, “Both the production houses (Triangle Films for Mahadev and Flying Turtles for Savitri) are very understanding. Knowing my condition, they aren’t pushing me to get back to work.”
    Get well soon Sangeeta!!!



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