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    Default Sanaya likes me in formal wear: Mohit Sehgal

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    Mohit Sehgal, of Miley Jab Hum Tum fame and boyfriend of Sanaya Irani, is a suave and stylish person. Not a brand conscious person, he likes to wear more of casual clothes.

    In a chat with us. the actor briefs about his styling et al. Read onÖ

    Fashion is: For me fashion is not about following any trend but itís about being comfortable with what looks good on you.

    Who chooses your clothes? I do it all by myself.

    Do you wear accessories? I only wear watches.

    Do you follow any brands? I am not a brand conscious person.

    Favourite shopping destination: Being very choosy about clothes, Delhi is a place where I can shop like crazy because the city, known for fashion goods, is the best place to shop.

    Most expensive buy: I spend mostly on watches and sunglasses.

    Clothes you are comfortable in: I am comfortable in shorts, jeans and T-shirt. Though Sanaya likes me in a formal wear, I hate wearing the same. At parties, also, if possible, I would like to wear casuals only.

    Must-have in your wallet: Money and my bank cards.

    Favourite perfume: I have a fetish for perfumes. I have a huge collection of perfumes but my favourites are Hugo Boss Platinum, Isimiaki and Tom Ford Black Orchid.

    Colour that fills your wardrobe: Black and white.

    Describe ĎSaleí in one word: Patience, as during sale itís not that well organized and overcrowded.

    Currently your wardrobe is overflowing with: Jeans and T-shirts. Since my wardrobe is actually over flowing, Sanaya keeps telling me to stop buying more Jeans and T-shirts (smiles).

    You have hardest time getting dressed for: For my sisterís wedding, I took maximum time to dress up.

    Any fashion disaster you have come across recently: Incidentally, it happened during my sisterís wedding. Actually you wonít believe it, I shopped for my outfit one day prior to her wedding. I tried to look cool and different, but it turned out to be a disaster. Guests at the wedding kept coming and asking me to change the dress. So, the next time I am going to shop a month before any event so that I donít make such a fashion faux pas.

    If you had to choose a fashion era, which period will it be? I like the current fashion era.



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