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    Default Ruchi Savarn excited to be a part of Crime Patrol's upcoming episode

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    Love can only blossom into a relationship when there is mutual liking. When love is one-sided, the unrequited lover ideally should be mature enough to accept the fact that this relationship will not materialise. There have been many instances in which a lover has taken his life when his love hasnít been reciprocated.

    On Sony Entertainment Televisionís Crime Patrol (Optimystix Entertainment Pvt. Ltd), tomorrow night they will telecast an episode on how a man falls in love with a call centre employee on simply listening to her voice. The obsessed lover commits suicide when he gets to know that he isnít loved in return. As a result, the call centre employee gets into needless trouble.

    Our source also added that Ruchi Savarn whom you had last seen in Sahara Oneís Ghar Aaja Pardesi is playing the role of the call centre girl. The actress told us when we called her up, ďI am playing an important character in this episode. Though I am not there from the very beginning, the story greatly revolves around me. My character has committed no crime whatsoever yet she falls into peril.Ē

    Ruchi added that she would love to play the lead role in an upcoming TV serial soon. We hope that the pretty actress attains what she wishes for in near future.



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