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    Default The real story behind Annie's exist!

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    Rano and Jeet were supposed to be soulmates but soon Rano dies... What was the reason for her early exit?

    Anamika on Sony TV just witnessed the exit of Rano (Annie Gill) from the show. She dies leaving behind Jeet (Mudit Nayar) and Anamika (Simran Kaur).

    However it seems that it was not what the script demanded... Annie was forced to quit the show abrubtly!

    Our source tells us the inside story, "Annie Gill who plays Rano was a very popular character among the masses however there were many who did not like this. They were the decision makers who didn't want Annie to be part of the show so they revised the script and Rano's track came to an end. Also Annie in real life too wasn't keeping well and when she was unable to shoot the channel officials decided that Rano should die in the show. That is the reason that they introduced Chaavi (Shivani Surve) in the show."

    As per our source Simran Kaur who plays the role of Anamika in the show who had an important part to play in Annie's ouster. Informs our source, "Simran too plays a negative character in the show; however it so happened that she loved her negative shade and popularity till the time Annie was not in the picture. When she saw Annie's popularity Simran didn't like it and expressed her discontent in doing the show."

    All these internal politics made sure that Annie had to be removed from the show.

    We also got in touch with the two main leads to find out their version of the entire issue.

    Annie Gill who is out of town had just this to say, "I am in Punjab at the moment. I am resting because of my health issues, I don't know what information you guys have got, but I am just thankful to all my fans for loving my role and accepting it so well. I have no clue why the role ended. It's the channel's call and I appreciate it."

    Simran Kaur too cleared her side and opined, "I was told that the show was about ghosts and they wanted a very good looking person so I agreed to everything. However, then my track turned negative and I didn't like it so I asked the creative team as well but then they said it's a grey shade! I am still trying to figure out, how can Anamika be grey when she is so negative? I can't do negative anymore as I am thoroughly exhausted portraying the role of a negative person. It doesn't suit my face at all."

    She went on to say, "Talking about Annie, I have no clue about her role because mostly I used to shoot alone. I just know about myself and my character in the show."

    Here's wishing Annie all the very best for her future!



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