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    Default Rani Pari comes back to life in Parilok.

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    All the paris to get more power with the help of Mahamangal Parv!

    Baal Veer on SAB TV is currently witnessing new powers coming for all the Paris as they will try getting Rani pari back in Pari lok..

    Our source informs us that, "Mahamangal Parv comes in Pari lok and that is where all the paris will get seven times the original power. The seven colors of rainbow will prove all the more powerful for the paris and most likely the seven rainbows will be the seven power of the paris."

    "It will so happen that by channelizing all the powers the paris will try to get the ice idol Rani Pari back to life and they will be successful in making Rani pari alive in Pari lok" ends the source.

    When contacted Aditi Sajwan she said, "The paris will get all the more powerful in the coming time, and what happens next is what you guys have to wait and watch."

    This particular episode will go on air in the coming week.



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