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    Default Rahul Ahuja to blow up like a balloon on SAB TV's Gutur Gu 2

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    Most of us aim to be our ideal weight. This may be difficult to achieve for many. Next week on SAB TVís Gutur Gu, the Ahuja family will be fixated on fattening up the lanky Rahul Ahuja (Rahuol Lohani). He will be prescribed a medicine by a dietician which is to boost his appetite.

    On having that medicine, Rahul becomes like the nursery rhyme character- the Robin the Bobbin who has a voracious appetite. He will continue to munch 24 X 7. The newly turned glutton will eat whatever food is available in his house and be raiding the fridge late at night. In the process he will blow up like a balloon.

    We called Rahul who confirmed the news. ďI ate five to six samosas, one plate of idli, many chappatis, vegetables, biriyani, two bananas, an apple, juices, milk, five to six jalebis, chole bhature and six slices of white bread. I gladly ate so much as it was the demand of the serial. My director asked me if I wished to throw up but that wasnít necessary. Most of the time, I am on a diet in real life. Sudden binging when you are calorie conscious leads to weight gain. I have put on about 2.5 kgs in the process, which I badly want to lose now. I am looking for a dietician.Ē

    Thankfully in real life a dietician will not give him a pill which will decrease his appetite to such an extent that he will disappear into thin air. That can only happen in Gutur Gu.

    We will continue to update you on this show.



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