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    Default A queen gets respect but doesn’t have power- Natasha Sinha

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    Natasha Sinha who plays maharani on Life OK's Savitri (Flying Turtle Productions) is the perfect choice for playing a queen. When we asked her what it is like to play the king’s wife on Savitri she replied, “I have executed many roles of queens and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Carrying the costume and jewellery may be somewhat tiresome but it is worth it as it’s fun playing a queen.”

    It is quite evident that she is a strict queen in Savitri. She agreed, “As the father spoils the daughter, her mother tries to keep a balance. As she is the only child, she is worried about her daughter. She disciplines her as well as explains to her with love.”

    According to her what were the pros and cons of being a queen in ancient India? “A queen gets respect but doesn’t have the power like the President of India as the authority lies with the king. Also a king often had many queens which surely created complications.”

    Who is her favourite queen? “I played queen Devi Chaudhurani who was a freedom fighter who fought for freedom in the 19th century. She would live in the forest and would take from the British to distribute to the poor.”



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