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    Default Preeti Kochhar's "Third Class mentality" remark hurts her mother-in-law to the core

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    When Zee TV's Connected Hum Tum brought on board six women to showcase their personal lives on national television and under the public glare, the participants knew that it would entail sharing their innermost thoughts in front of millions of viewers. Yet, they bravely ventured out doing what most others would squeamishly shy away from. After all, it can never be an easy thing to let people see you on your worst days, expressing emotions that you will not be proud of even a day later.

    Such was the case with Preeti Kochchar, one of the six women, who in a state of frustration vented out against her mother-in-law calling her someone with a "third class mentality". This was in the course of a conversation with her Connected Hum Tum camera almost a year ago when her relationship with her mother-in-law was somewhat strained. Today, her equation with her mother-in-law has changed for the better and the telecast of this episode shocked senior Mrs Kochhar who was driven to tears on seeing Preeti lash out at her on national television.

    Preeti rues the day she made that comment and was waiting anxiously for its telecast to get over as she could only imagine how her mother-in-law would feel on watching her speak like that. She says, "I went overboard in saying this about a woman who is genuinely miles ahead of most women when it comes to being a mother, a mother-in-law and above all a caring, mature, sensitive person. I said what I said in a weaker moment when things between us weren't going too well. But this comment of mine and its telecast have deeply hurt her and understandably so. I tried profusely apologizing to her, but this will take a while to heal. We had come a long way in terms of our equation in the last one year ... we'd grown more positive towards each other, I am worried this insensitive comment on my part doesn't take us back to square one.

    She adds, "I would like to share that my mother-in-law is an extremely respectable person, she's been a school principal. I should have known better than to speak so harshly about her in public. I think all of us should live life with a camera watching us like Ive been living for the last few months... with a camera recording your every move, one needs to be responsible about all we say or doI truly regret my remark against my mother-in-law.

    Will Preeti's mother-in-law forgive her for her brash remark or will it leave a scar on their relationship forever?

    To find out, stay tuned to Connected Hum Tum, every Monday to Friday at 10 PM, only on Zee TV.



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