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    Default Piya and Bitto to fight for their love...

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    As Roop loves Bitto and Piya and Bitto love each other,there are lots of twists and turns in the show.

    Piya Ka Ghar Pyaara Lage on Sahara One is now showing that everyone is against Piya (Leena Jumani) and Bitto's (Giriraj Kabra) relationship and love, since Bitto's mother Rano (Neelu Kohli) has got to know that Piya is not Sejal (Sanjeeda Sheikh).

    Our source informs us that,"The upcoming episodes will show that Bitto will stand for Piya and will fight with everyone, as everyone in the family is already plotting against Piya."

    "On the other hand, Roop (Shalini Sahauta) is in love with Bitto and she also doesn't want Bitto and Piya to be together. Piya and Bitto will fight with everyone so that they are together."

    When contacted Giriraj Kabra he said," The show is as of now showing that Piya is being trapped and is troubled because of Rano and Roop."

    Will Piya and Bitto win over the family? Will Nanavati family accept Piya as their daughter-in-law?
    Keep watching Piya ka Ghar... to find out more...



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