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    Default Photoshop Freaks-Quang-Calvinized Business Portrait(Beginner-Advanced)

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    Photoshop Freaks-Quang-Calvinized Business Portrait(Beginner-Advanced)
    English | 1.18 GiB | 01:36:00 | MP4 | x264 - 157 kbps | 1280x720 | AAC
    Download ID: TNBU00738
    Genre: Photoshop, E-Learning
    Single Extraction - Free Download - No Password

    In this class Calvin Hollywood shows the production of a free work. It combines photography business with its typical editing techniques. The subject is the creation of a company portrait against a white background, which will then be edited in order to obtain an interesting edgy look.

    This training has has following parts ...
    01 Intro
    02 The Model(03:42)
    03 The Lighting(04:52)
    04 Camera Settings(03:10)
    05 The photography part(05:48)
    06 Raw Conversion(08:50)
    07 Getting Details with PS(07:38)
    08 Getting Details with Nik(09:00)
    09 Body Shaping(03:56)
    10 Retouching(08:25)
    11 Composition(04:00)
    12 Dodge, and burn(13:15)
    13 Adjusting the eyes(03:15)
    14 2080(10:45)
    15 Speed Retouching(06:50)
    16 Thank you(02:23)

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