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    Default Philip Zeplin-Everyday Photo Retouching

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    Philip Zeplin-Everyday Photo Retouching
    English | 1.28 GiB | 01:57:29 | FLV | 192 kbps | 1280x720 | AAC
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    Genre: Polishing, Photo, E-Learning
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    In this course, we will discuss basic daily photo techniques that photographers of all skill levels can use retouching. Whether you're editing professional portraits or simply to make your casual snapshots Facebook-ready, Philip Zeplin demonstrates practical techniques in Photoshop to polish your photos while avoiding the extravagant look.

    - Cleaning, and smoothing skin
    - Retouching eyes, hair and lips
    - Tips for avoiding the dreaded plastic'' effect
    - Basic masking, and backgrounds
    - Color, and light correction
    - Working with highlights, and shadows

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