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    Default Omi will never show his pain to the world: Samridh Bawa

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    “I always like walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying”- said the world’s most popular comedy icon Charlie Chaplin. Who would believe that a person who smiles and spreads happiness around can actually cry his guts out in loneliness?

    That was exactly our reaction when we saw the very cheerful Omi (Samridh Bawa) stealing a lone moment alone thinking about the love he just lost in Panchi (Palak Jain) in Channel [V]’s The Buddy Project (Sunshine Productions).

    Well, on one hand, the viewers were shocked to see the upset Omi, but the actor is pretty much kicked about this new found phase.

    “Omi is a happy-go-lucky kind of a person but somewhere down the line, he too is emotional and is feeling hurt after Panchi dumped him. He will never show his pain to the world since that does not go well with his image. Thus, he will be wiping his tears in solitude.”

    How about Samridh, will he too react the same way in real life? “Luckily, I have never faced such a situation and I would not even want to experience a heart break,” he quips.

    As an actor, Samridh is enjoying the variant of shades he is getting to play as Omi. “Omi is a very interesting character and with this intense image change now, I am getting to enjoy every moment of it. I feel lucky, that in just a short span and in a single show, I am getting to enact so many shades via Omi.”

    Samridh, the audience too is enjoying your stint as Omi. Keep up the good work!!!



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