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    Default Niyati seeks revenge from Ishwar!

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    A shocked Niyati decides acts dumb and ignores Ishwar!

    Rishton Ke Bhawar Mein Uljhi - Niyati on Sahara One has just witnessed how Niyati (Aastha Choudhary) got to learn about Ishwar (Tabez Khan) faking the marriage and relationship. After knowing all this she will be all the more hurt and furious.

    Our source informs us that, "In the coming episodes it will be shown that Niyati is shocked and dazed after learning that Ishwar never liked her and simply married for his own benefit. Niyati will decide to take revenge from him by playing numb and she will not react to anything whatsoever possible and will blindly ignore Ishwar as if he never existed."

    "However, this will bother Ishwar and later on he will start having a soft corner for Niyati."

    When contacted Aastha Choudhary she said, "Its revenge time for Niyati as she has had enough of betrayal! What will happen next is what you guys have to wait and watch..."

    Will Niyati reciprocate Ishwar's love?

    Wait and watch Niyati in the coming week.



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