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    Default Nishad is confused whether he loves Chandani or not!

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    Pyaar,Ishq Aur Mohabaat between Chandani and Nishad.

    Amita Ka Amit on Sony TV has two young leads in the same show Nishad Vaidya and Chandni Bhagwanani. They are the best of friends, so while Nishad drops Chandani home, when Nishad smokes secretly Chandni shouts at him and then they say we are just friends.

    Quite interesting, isn't it? Howevwe if the grapevine is to be believed then the duo are in love!
    Our source informs us that, "Nishad had a break up few months back and apparently he went into depression but Chandni came as a savior for him and helped him come out of the depression.They hang out together after shots and they have a soft corner for each other. They are very much in love and enjoy their scenes together.

    Well we asked Nishad what does he have to say about his friendship with his co-star Chandni.

    And this what Nishad had to say, "I went to a bad break up which I don't want to discuss at all, it's a thing of the past but yes Chandni is a sweet heart she helped me a lot overcome the break up. She is very understanding and co-operative person, she understands things very well and is a sweetheart for me. While doing the scene Chandni helps me by saying that my character Amit would not react in such a way."

    When asked is he dating her, he clarifies,,"No nothing as of now, I like her as a friend and I don't know whether it is love... May be I might fall for her in future.But nothing is there as of now. We are just friends and I have a soft corner for her as .she is simple and sweet."

    While Chandni too had her say," I don't love him, we are just friends, that's all I know as of now."

    Let's see what the future holds for this young couple.



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