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    Default The Nishad Chandni love story gets more interesting!

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    While Nishad had expressed that he has a soft corner for, it is now time for Chandni to break her silence!

    Amita Ka Amit On Sony TV just witnessed the love of Nishad Vaidya to Chandani Bhagwanani, but now its time for Chandni Bhagwanai to speak up as she doesn't have feelings for her co star.

    Talking about Nishad having a soft corner for his co-actor Chandni Bhagwanani our source informs us that, "Nishad is a big time flirt and has soft corner for every girl and if sources are to be believed then Nishad was drunk and flirting with the girls in the 100 episode bash of the show. He was dancing with the girls and proposed to almost every girl present out there."

    But what we really want to know is does he love Chandni?

    The source says, "No he doesn't love Chandni at all… he is simply fooling around with everyone."

    We called up Chandni to ask about it and she said, "I don't know what sources say, but I would say that I am not single. I love someone else and we are happy with each other. I respect Nishad as my co-star and he is my friend. Please understand he is just a friend and there is no love happening between us. I love someone else who is not from the industry at all."

    She further went on to clarify, "I haven't said anything about my love to any one on the sets… just a few people know but till date Nishad doesn't know that I love someone else. After he expressed his feelings I thought of sharing with everybody."

    We called up Nishad too but he remained unavailable for any comment.



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