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    says Shashank Vyas who comes across as a humble guy at heart as he talks to us on his life as Jagya in Colors' Balika Vadhu, his struggling days and his future plans…

    Tell us something about yourself?
    I am a simple, hardworking and fun-loving guy.

    Coming from Ujjain, has the journey from Ujjain to Mumbai been easy for you?
    Only the travelling part was easy; after that it was not. When I reached Dadar station one of my friend called me so I asked him to help me out but he denied saying he is in a live-in relationship and could not manage so I had to stay in a Gurudwara for 5 days. Then during the auditions, I met a friend and we shared an accommodation together in Santacruz. We were three friends and we shared the rent as well as the responsibilities. The travelling by bus and all those entire struggles now looks nice and is memorable for me.

    We have heard that you have been through a lot of auditions to get into acting. Did you ever feel the need to give up?
    Never ever! A creative person never needs appreciation. If you are career oriented you will achieve it and all you need to do is to have patience and work hard. It is only me and myself who can motivate me; and this is what I believe in strongly.

    Was becoming an actor in your mind since your childhood days?
    No, never! I was a commerce student. I have completed my and then wanted to get through MBA to get a secure job. I couldn't make it in my entrance exam. So, I felt rather than wasting time I should do something I love. I made my hobby my profession and I am enjoying it today.

    What kind of roles did you wish to play before getting Balika Vadhu?
    I had no wish as such as I have never thought of any dream roles. I always wanted to work, to act. I am fine with any role, be it of a beggar or a prince. Any kind of role is fine as I love to experiment. The role and people I work with is the only thing that matters to me. I am particular about what I do. I must love what I do and I must do what I love.

    What was your family and friends' reaction when they got to know about you getting the role of Jagya in Balika Vadhu?
    I was happy but at that moment I just had one thought that now I have to give my best as stepping into such a big role in a popular serial was a big responsibility. It was like a new player who directly played for the World Cup. When my writer and director saw me they were not sure if I would do justice to this role. My parents of course were happy for me and they motivated me. My friends were not aware that I was getting into acting. One of my friend's saw my promo and called me up, and after that I started getting calls and everyone congratulated me. Everyone's proud of me.

    Would you follow Balika Vadhu before entering the show?
    No! It was like hit and miss. My mom use to watch the show. The guys of my age hardly watch daily soaps.

    How has your journey with Balika Vadhu been?
    It has been a wonderful part of my life. I knew I could act but at this level I was unaware. Someone told me it is a female oriented show but all I can say is that I have acted as Jagya and people are reacting to it. As an artist, I feel I have grown up.

    Your toughest scene till date?
    It was with Gauri when I confront her when she has been lying to me since long and she had wrong intentions for me.

    How is your off-screen bonding with everyone on the sets?
    I gel quite well with all. My co-stars of similar age gel really well with me and where the elders are concerned there has to be a boundary of respect. I have formal talks and take advice from the elders. The atmosphere on the set is positive and that's how it has completed 1300 episodes in 5 years.

    Are you in touch with Pratyusha Banerjee?
    Yes of course! We are good friends. We do chat and we are very much in touch as well.

    What kind of response do you get from your fans or your close ones for your character in Balika Vadhu?
    I have done complete justice to the role as according to the shades of my character people have loved and hated me. I receive plenty of mails. Even when I go to the malls, people come to appreciate and love me. My friends' parents love me too. I am giving my 100% and I am getting the rewards through their blessings and love. My fans are my critic too. Whenever I go wrong they do mail me and tell me about it. I even at times take advice from my makeup and dress guys. I want to live up to my fans expectations.

    Your biggest achievement as an actor?
    Working with Surekha Sikri.

    If you have to take part in any reality show, then which one would be your preference?
    I do not want to get into reality shows.

    Do you dream of Bollywood?
    Yes, it's my ultimate goal. I want to work everywhere, be it theatre, TV or Bollywood. I have done stage and TV. I want to do theatre as it the base of acting and Bollywood is my ultimate goal.

    Any message for your fans?
    Nothing is easy. Keep up the hard work, keep your aims clear and you will achieve a lot. Keep your heart clear, clean and crystal. It's nice to be important but it is more important to be nice.



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