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    Default News from the sets: Ashiesh Roy and Harsh Khurana enter into an ugly fight while shooting....

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    Pressures of shooting for daily soaps are all too familiar to all and so also the long hours of shootings that affect the cast and crew in innumerable ways.

    Stories of ill health, shooting accidents and frayed tempers abound in such tense situations. One such incident of two actors getting into a verbal fight has reached us.

    The usually fun-filled shooting process of Eagle Films’ popular sitcom Jeannie Aur Juju recently witnessed one such incident when actors Harsh Khurana and Ashiesh Roy got into a verbal scuffle while shooting a crucial scene. The usually mild-mannered duo got into an unpleasant war of words in the middle of a shoot that left the entire unit speechless.

    According to an eye witness present on the set when the incident occurred, Harsh, who plays Vela and Ashiesh who plays Chatur Ganguly were shooting for a highly dramatic court room scene for a new story which transports all the characters into ancient times.

    It was late in the night and everyone was tired. Both Ashiesh and Harsh were vigorously enacting the scene when suddenly Harsh started forgetting his dialogues. This resulted in them going for several retakes. At this, the normally cheerful Ashiesh lost his temper.

    Initially, Harsh laughed it off, thinking that Ashiesh was just being his usual leg-pulling self. But when he realised that he was seriously angry, Harsh too started back answering. Tempers flared up quickly and soon the two actors were exchanging disparaging remarks at each other with the entire unit in attendance.

    After venting their spleens for a good 10 minutes, the two actors and close friends off screen went back to shooting the scene, as if nothing uncommon had happened. They canned the scene in one super-charged take before storming off the sets without even looking at each other, much to the amusement of the entire unit.

    When contacted, Ashiesh Roy exclaimed that it was “the single most embarrassing moment of his entire career!” The actor commented rather sheepishly, “I should not have lost my cool. Harsh is a lovely guy and a brilliant actor too. I don’t know what exactly made me flip my lid – was it the too tight head gear, the added pressure of getting the chaste Devnagri dialogues right, the irritating moustache which I was sporting, or maybe I was simply feeling hungry, I don’t know.”

    When contacted, Harsh echoed Ashiesh’s sentiment. “It was purely a heat-of-the-moment thing. And I did feel hurt then. But after watching the scene telecast the next day, I was the first person to text Ashiesh on the brilliance of our scene together. And he texted back promptly ‘So, all is well,” smiled Harsh, before signing off.

    Well…Ashiesh and Harsh…anger is just a letter short of danger…thand rakho yaara!!!



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