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    Default Murder mysteries that are all set to thrill the viewers of Arjun...

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    Interesting murder mysteries coming up in this weekend’s episode of Star Plus popular show Arjun…

    Its weekend time, which comes with lots of thrill and excitement for the fans of Four Lions' popular crime thriller show Arjun. The weekend is full of thrill and excitement which is to be bought in by the weekend episodes of Arjun.

    Our source says, "In the Saturday's episode, a man is found dead and post investigation, it is found that the man had a loan in which he was found to be a defaulter and he was being threatened by the borrower."

    Our source adds, "The Sunday's episode is going to be exciting as well. The wife of a writer hears the sound of a gunshot and scream of her husband while she is talking over the phone with her husband. The ETF finds no dead body and blood in the office when they reach to the writer's office for investigation."

    We spoke to Shaleen Malhotra aka Arjun, who said, "It's the murder mystery of a writer which will be taking place in the Sunday's episode of Arjun. The viewers will enjoy watching as to who has murdered him and what could have been the motive behind his murder. The truth will be revealed at the end."

    Shaleen further adds, "Today's episode is going to be one of the best and interesting episodes of Arjun.

    It will leave the viewers wondering as to who has done what and it will be followed by an action sequence. In the first time in the history of the show, the ETF won't be going to the crime scene. The sequence has been shot beautifully. Soon, it will also be shown that Arjun will be falling in love so keep watching to know how it's going to happen."



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