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    Default My mom is the best cook in the world: Fahad Ali

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    Handsome lad Fahad Ali, who is entertaining the masses with his charming looks and acting skills in Channel Vís The Buddy Project, is a diet conscious person and has a healthy way of living life. In a talk with us, Fahad talks about his fitness traits and eating habits.

    Personal fitness mantra: Every day I workout in the gym or go for a walk early in the morning.

    Personal diet mantra: I am a very diet conscious person and believe in having breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a beggar.

    Exercise routine: Being an actor, I workout early in the morning as after a long tiring day, it is not possible to go to the gym.

    Is food the elixir of life? Yes, very much.

    Are you a foodie? No, not that much.

    Are you a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian? I am basically a non-vegetarian person.

    Favourite cuisine: Indian.

    Favourite dish: Rajma Chawal with lots of dahi and in non veg I like chicken keema but only made at home by my mom; she is the best cook in the world.

    Favourite restaurant: For vegetarian food I prefer Pratap Da Dhaba while for non-veg food I like Jaffer Bhai's Delhi Darbar.

    A must on my breakfast table: I start my day by drinking one liter of water every morning. Later, I have a cup of tea, oats or egg whites and apple.

    Sugar or sugar-free tea/coffee: I have tea with less of sugar because I donít like the taste of sugar free tea.

    Lunch generally consists of: Chapatis with vegetable and lots of salads.

    Dinner generally consists of: Mostly soup, salad and oats.

    Dessert delights: I donít have a sweet tooth.

    One thing I can't resist: Pani Puri.

    My favourite drink (non-alcoholic): Strawberry juice.

    My favourite drink (alcoholic): I donít have alcohol.

    At parties I have: Juice or diet coke and non-oily starters.

    Most unusual dish I've tasted: I hate sea food. Once I tasted crabs which were awful.

    Experiment with food: Not really.

    On the streets, I love to have: Paani Puri.

    Do you cook? No, I can only make my breakfast and egg bhurji.

    Fitness tip: Just eat healthy, drink lots of water specially when you wake up and run whenever you get time.

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    everyone loves own mother
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