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    Default Mick Foley on How Wrestling Helped Him Get Into Comedy

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    WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley was recently interviewed by Here are some highlights.

    What His Audiences Are Like: "I would say 95 percent of the audience are wrestling fans, along with a brave few dragged out in support of significant others. I do get comedy club regulars who report to the owners that they're happy. I recently did four shows in South Bend, Ind., and the club was full of regulars."

    His Show Getting Positive Reviews: "Iíve been very pleased by the reviews. I did shows at the Montreal Comedy Festival and Edinburgh Fringe and Chortle, which is a respected UK comedy website that is notoriously tough in their reviews, made it a point to say "while he gives the fans the inside information they want to hear, he could do a little editing " Another site, Broadway Babies, said my show was ďgreat even for the loving dedicated spouse dragged against her will by husband.Ē

    His Comedy Show Focusing On Wrestling: "I don't often venture out from my comfort zone. Again, itís because people arenít coming out to hear me tell stories about non-wrestling issues. I do describe how my career in professional wrestling has given me a unique perspective on traveling abroad, politics and pornography, but I have a tether that pulls me back in."

    How Wrestling Helped Him Get Into Comedy: "Itís a double-edged sword, to tell you the truth. Name recognition does open doors but it doesn't make it easy for people to walk through. Iím amazed by people who recognize me from Daily Show segments. I don't try to force myself to do anything that isnít comfortable. Itís like seeing Mick Jagger doing a solo show without playing any Rolling Stones tunes."

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    Foley is God

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    Quote Originally Posted by TJ the [email protected] View Post
    Foley is God
    And Your Words Are Gold

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