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    Default MasterChef finalist Navneet Rastogi in an inspirational chat with us!

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    Navneet Rastogi has been very inspirational in the MasterChef kitchen. He was eliminated in the last season, but he came back with a bang, and has managed to carve his way into the finale this time. Naturally, Navneet is thrilled, and we got him on board for a small chat with us!

    We quizzed him on how has his journey in MasterChef been with the judges, the contestants and the whole staff. Navneet says, “According to me, my journey was a bit difficult but I enjoyed it! It was a great experience to be a part of this show.”

    We further asked him about which style of cooking does he find difficult. And pat came the reply, “Bamboo cooking was really very challenging for me, however, I knew I would be out if I falter, hence I gave it my best shot.”

    When asked about how does it feel to be in the top 3, Navneet shares, “I am really grateful to God that I have managed to reach so far the second time, but my dadi's dream would be fulfilled once I win the title.”

    We asked Navneet about his favourite judge in the MasterChef kitchen. Navneet shares, “Undoubtedly, Chef Vikas Khanna. He is like a mentor to me and I absolutely love him.”

    Lastly, we asked him about his best moment in the MasterChef kitchen, and this is what he shared, “The best moment for me was when I got the Flavour-e-Azam title from my mom.”

    This is what our finalist Navneet Rastogi shared with us. To watch him fulfill his dadi's dream, stay tuned to the finale of MasterChef Kitchen Ke Superstar, 14th June, 8PM onwards only on STAR Plus.



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