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    Default I would like to marry a singer, director or a writer from the industry - Nishad Vaidya

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    Though Nishad is just a 22-year-old young man who is yet to get into matrimony, he plays a newly married man on Sony Entertainment Televisionís Amita Ka Amit (Swastik Productions) very convincingly. He has slipped into the role of a stock broker very well though he isnít remotely connected with the profession. He is in depth interview on his personal and professional life.

    You got a big break by bagging the lead role in Amita Ka Amit. Do you think this show has changed your life?

    This show has completely changed my life. I had never imagined that suddenly the day would come when people would start recognising me on the streets. When Chandni Bhagwanani (who plays Amita on Amita Ka Amit) and I visit the malls nowadays, we are recognised by people who watch our show. It is great to connect with my fans. Previously, hardly anyone would like to chat with me on Facebook. Now, I get about 40 friendsí requests daily. I chat online with my friends from time to time. I know what they like and dislike. Fans want to click pictures with me.

    I feel that newly married couples can relate to this show very well. What do you think?

    More than youngsters, it is married couples of various age groups who can identify with our serial. They have encountered similar problems in their marriages too.

    Is it true that you had lost 8 to 9 kgs to do this show? If so, how did you do it and how long did that take you?

    I have regained one to two kilograms from the weight that I had lost. It took me four to five months to shed weight. I was previously healthy. They wanted me to look fit instead of healthy. I started exercising- doing cardio and weight lifting. I began eating salad and sipping black coffee (though I know that it is bad for health).

    Amit goes for an arranged marriage. Do you prefer a love marriage in real life?

    I have nothing against arranged marriages. I would prefer a love marriage as I want to choose my own partner.

    The TRP of your show could have been better. Your creative team had told us that it should go up after the marriage track started but it is yet to improve. Please comment.

    I really do not know much about the intricacies of TRPs. We may not have too high a TRP but we arenít doing badly either. We have after all completed 100 episodes. Maybe the IPL snatched some eyeballs from our show. I am very grateful to our fans for watching our serial. Without them, we wouldnít have gone anywhere. The drama in our plot is building up. The same should be reflected in TRPs in due course of time.

    What are your hobbies?

    Right now, I am deeply immersed in work. I simply do not have the time to do anything else. If I had spare time, I would read novels and watch offbeat movies. I do not like commercial movies like Spiderman and Superman. I loved Gangs of Wasseypur though. I love action movies starring Akshay Kumar.

    What is your dream role like?

    My dream role is that of an angry young man. I would also love to do action movies. I intend to do body building so that I can do action roles. I am having a great experience enacting Amitís role. This will be a character that I will cherish forever.

    What are three things about Nishad that the world doesnít know but you would like to tell us for the very first time?

    First and foremost, I put headphones into my ears at bedtime and listen to songs till I wake up. Second, I will remain an actor forever. Third, I would also like to write, direct and sing given the opportunity. I would like to be a playback singer and do riyaz for that.

    If you werenít an actor what would you be?

    I would have been a writer, singer or a director.

    Do you have a girlfriend?

    I am single. As of now, my focus is on my work. I would like to marry a singer, director or a writer from the industry. I am also open to marrying an actress.



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