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    Default Marriage is a one time affair for me:Srishty Rode

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    Srishty Rode aka Sarita from Punar Vivaah Ek Nayi Umeed talks about her reel and real image.

    Srishty Rode who is seen as Sarita who is Raj's (Karan V. Grover) wife in Punar Vivaah Ek Nayi Umeed on Zee Tv is completely different from the role that she is essaying in real life.

    Talking to us about her reel and real life Srishty says, "My role as Sarita is a wonderful character and I am loving it. It's very different and connects to the audience as well. Sarita is a typical sweet Indian girl with traditional values. Talking about the character, I feel it's very unique. It's more of a women who loves her husband but somehow is struggling hard in her married life to get the love and attention of her husband."

    Punar Vivaah Ek Nayi Umeed is doing good and the audience is liking it too, "I am thankful that my show is being loved and appreciated so much by the audience and I am getting a good response from them."
    On the show, Srishty's character Sarita is seen doing almost all the household work. "Sarita is doing almost everything possible to grab her husband's attention - sweeping, dusting, keeping the house clean. Sarita is very emotional who gets affected by small things very easily so she is crying a lot too increasing the production house expenses over glycerine" laughs Srishty.

    Srishty who in real life is not used to such menial jobs went on to say, "The funniest part is that I sometimes clean the floor of the sets so often that soon I feel that a maid won't be required to clean the sets." Srishty adds, "I am very different as a person and nowhere close to Sarita in real life. Sarita is very shy and laid back, while I am little extrovert and more of a practical person. Sarita sacrifices for everything, while i decide and take a definite stand."

    The show talks about re-marriage and when we ask Srishty if she comes across a similar situation in real life what would she do? Srishty replies, "Well I get scared just thinking about it! Marriage is a lifetime affair and I shall love and cherish my life partner forever once I am married. Remarriage too is fine, but still I would not like to get into it! There might be circumstances which may cause such a situation but I may not be ready for it. However said all this, I think it still depends on the situation I may face at that particular time. I have seen many people getting remarried and I love and respect their thought towards it. According to me togetherness is very important in any relationship, whether it is a first, second or third marriage."

    So, what do our readers feel? Should Sarita continue catching her husband's attention or get re-married as per her husband's wishes?



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