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    Default Mark Henry Talks Retirement Ruse on RAW, Taking a Pay Cut, More

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    - Mark Henry was recently interviewed by Here are some highlights:
    His five-year-plan for his heralded fake retirement speech:
    Well, I mean, Iím a constant entertainer. Itís something that I thought of four years ago, five years ago when I signed my contract. ĎAt the end of this contract, Iím going to retire and Iím going to have everybody ready for me to retire, and then Iíll get Ďem just the way I want to.í Itís funny, [this] five-year plan. The only thing that can come to mind is Hannibal in The A-Team: ďI love it when a plan comes together.Ē

    Taking a pay cut when he re-signed with WWE:
    I took a 50 percent pay cut when I signed that last deal five years ago because I was looked at as being a middle-of-the-road performer. During that time, John Cena made millions, and thatís what I want. I mean, Money in the Bank is not just the name of the pay-per-view, itís a chance for me to get my will to where I want it so when the time does come for me to officially retire, I wonít have to worry about nothing.

    His WWE career:
    Everybody thatís had the road be smooth and perfect with a steady incline, Iíd like to meet Ďem. I donít think itís ever been done. Thereís highs and lows in life, and thereís highs and lows in sports entertainment. Itís a credit to me that Iíve been around 17 years, so Iíve had a long time to have highs and lows. Obviously, Iíve done something right.

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