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    Default Manish Gandhi gets candid with us

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    Actor Manish Gandhi talks to us about his journey in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha season 2...

    Manish Gandhi, who is currently seen playing the mentally challenged character of Addu in Colors popular show Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha, gets chatty with TellBuzz.
    New to the daily soap saga, Manish Gandhi is an actor in stage & films, a Theatre director and producer and an acting coach. The very talented actor is a recipient of Inlaks Scholarship for Film & Television Studies. Not just that, he has also won the 2011 Outstanding Male Actor Thespo for Mike Bratlett's 'Cock'.

    How did your television career flag off?
    Irrespective of the medium, be it television or theatre, I'm someone who is very picky with my roles. Well, I don't know whether or not it is apt to term it as a career, but I stepped into the television industry with an Airtel commercial. Then I played episodic roles in shows like Crime Patrol and Gumraah. I was also a part of the show, I Love my India on SAB TV. And at present, I'm playing a cameo in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2.

    What attracted you to the character of Addu?
    Like I said, I'm very choosy about my work, but at the same time I'm also very keen to play different characters. As far as Addu is concerned, I've never played such a character in the past. The character of Addu, who is a mentally challenged guy, is more of a silent character, who doesn't speak much. So this in itself is a difficult role, where I have to work only with my expressions.

    What are the challenges of playing this role?
    As an actor, for me it is very important to first understand the madness that this boy was going through. The only tool that I possess to portray the role in the right way is through acting. To bring out the character, I had to go back to my childhood memories and recall the instances as to how I would have reacted in a particular situation as a kid. I'm also a good observer. I keep observing animals around and I somehow relate myself to a lost pup.

    Have you ever been bothered by your image created due to the show?
    To be frank, I never really care about my reel image. It is part of my profession. But there are instances now when I have to think before stepping out. Like yesterday, I encountered a situation when a man came to me and asked me whether I am in good health. Then the children in my swimming club recognise me as a mad person.

    How has your journey been so far in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2?
    So far, it has been a fantastic journey as I share a good equation with my co-actors. I consider NBT as an opportunity to learn from the other actors. To be precise, I feel television is really a challenging job. Especially, the actors working for a daily soap have to put in lot of efforts and work in a restricted environment.

    What kind of reactions have you got from the industry?
    I am overwhelmed with the reactions that I am getting from the industry. I am glad that people like my work. And for an artist there is nothing greater then appreciation for his work. It feels really good when people admire you and the whole hearted efforts that you put in your work. The best compliment I have come across so far is that I've put life in this distinct character Addu. There is a forum where viewers are constantly demanding that my cameo role gets extended. There was a point of time when I felt like crying, for the love and appreciation that I'm getting from all.

    A phobia that you possess in your real life.
    I have a party-phobia. I cannot express my feeling into words, when I meet someone new. As an artist, I require time to observe, understand, react and open up freely.

    A Dream role you are craving to play.
    I've always wished to play a powerful, high-status character. For instance, an owner of a massive empire, who has control over others. Maybe because that is quite close to my personal life since I too like to lead people which I do as a director for stage shows. I don't like to follow but like to be in command.

    So, do you wish to make a career as a director in television?
    Oh not at all! People say that television has progressed in the past few years. But I somehow feel its vice-versa. Down the line the creativity has deteriorated and television now works only as a business.

    A quote for your fans.
    A big Thank You to each and every one who has liked my work. I've got comments from Germany, Pakistan and other countries as well. Thank you all for your love and support. I'm really obliged with the response I'm getting. I worship them all.



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