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    Default Love unveils its true colours on 'Emotional Atyachaar'

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    Time to test your love through Emotional Atyachaar, letís see how Puneet, Daljeet's boyfriend fares in this test..

    The course of true love never runs smooth and Daljeet, an outspoken feisty girl from Delhi learned this the hard way. Daljeet was in a committed relationship with Puneet since the past four years. Puneet often made romantic gestures to make her feel special and they had a perfect fairy tale relationship.

    But as they say, good things don't last long. Soon things started turning upside down for Daljeet when she witnessed Puneet's mysterious side on Valentine's Day. He could not celebrate the day with her since he claimed that he had to travel out of town for work.

    As Daljeet sulked over his absence, her friend, Shalini convinced her to attend a party to lift her spirits. However, this was only Shalini's effort to expose Puneet's true colors. Although Daljeet saw Puneet at the party, she didn't confront him and instead decided to hatch several plans which would eventually compel him to confess.

    In the desperation to get the truth out, Daljeet came across hard hitting realities that left her completely broken and traumatized. After a few unsuccessful attempts, she finally caught him red-handed! Furious Daljeet then decided to cut off from Puneet completely and gave him a piece of her mind.



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