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    Default I love to eat anything and everything - Purvesh Pimple

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    Purvesh Pimple who plays the chubby Montu in SAB TVs Baal Veer (Optimystix Film Production Company) loves to eat. When we asked him what he likes to eat the most he replied, I love to eat anything and everything.

    This foodie wishes to be either a chef or an actor when he grows up. This teenager loves to cook. I love to bake cakes and tandoori items.

    Though he plays a bully on Baal Veer, he avers that in real life he doesnt get embroiled in fights. In fact, being the oldest child in the series, he tries to discipline the younger kids when they are doing something naughty.

    At times, children who identify him as the bad kid from Baal Veer run away on seeing him in real life. While I was snacking with my friends at McDonald's, a little girl got a fright of a lifetime on seeing me. I tried to appease her by saying that it was all acting but she started crying. I am also teased in school for being the villain of this series.

    Many child actors are tutored to say that they get As in all or most subjects. Purvesh honestly owned up, I often cannot complete my homework as I am an actor too. I am an average student who scores in his 70s.

    When this boy isnt studying or acting, he plays basketball and volleyball, swims, listens to songs and hangs out with his friends. I like to listen only Eminem songs, he ends.



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