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    Default Lohari is very orthodox and represents all that urban modern women will not identify with - Mona

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    When a woman has undergone a traumatic past like domestic violence and has been jailed for murdering the monstrous spouse who regularly tortured her, the prolonged ordeal will leave quite a scar in her life and personality. Maybe that is a reason as to why Lohari of Life OK’s Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai... Ajab Sa Risk Hai (Ravi Ojha Productions) may have turned rough, tough and brusque.

    Talented theatre artiste, film and TV actress Mona Ambegaonkar who plays Lohari adds, “She is very orthodox and represents all that urban modern women will not identify with.”

    Why is she dressed in dark? “As she is a dark character she is represented by darkness in the way she looks as well. The other characters are in white and colourful clothes. The creatives wanted her to dress her in a way that makes her starkly identifiable.” The actress avers that she doesn’t have an inkling as to how her character will unfold as the briefs regarding it keep on changing on a daily basis.

    When Mona isn’t acting she reads, writes, goes on long drives and travels to various parts of the world. She has been to quite a few countries of Europe, the Far East and some places in the United States of America. She would love to visit Australia in future. She pens poems and has published her short stories.
    We wish her all the luck and success!!!



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