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    Default "We end up laughing whenever we say 'I Love You' to each other

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    says Shakti Arora who talks about the love of his life, Neha Saxena!

    Shakti Arora who is seen in Balaji Telfilms Pavitra Rishta on Zee TV as well as hosting Brain Cafe on the same channel is a mutli talented person with good looks and charm He is currently dating his co-star of Tere Liye fame Neha Saxena.

    They are head over heels in love with each other. We talks to Shakti about their deep love for each other ans how their romantic love story started.

    The couple met on the sets, became friends and eventually ended falling in love remembers Shakti,"I never knew I would fall in love with Neha when we were friends and co-stars during Tere Liye days. We were totally opposite each other and it so happened that we used have maximum romantic scenes together. She could not romance and was not comfortable while shooting those scenes, so I would usually teach her how to romance on screen. Then we became friends and developed a good chemistry on-screen. We had a policy at Balaji Telefilms that the best and the popular couple would be appraised and luckily I and Neha got that appraisal so it was proven we look good. We are very compatible as friends till then and then love happened."

    The couple soon started dating,"After the show got over we started feeling for each other. I realised that I had a soft corner for her, and then it was very obvious in our eyes that we love each other. From that time we started seeing each other. Well I never had to say 'I love you' to her as it was very much visible that we were in love with each other. Now when we say love you to each other we end up laughing as we are not used to saying it."

    Talking about the qualities that he likes in Neha, Shakti opined, "She is quite homely and perfect marriage material! Our parents know about us and I too wanted that are parents should know since we are planning to settle down next year. I have all the reason to love Neha and the best thing about her is that she is very feminine and very understanding. Earlier Neha didn't even know how to make tea but now she is an excellent cook. Neha cares a lot and understands stuff. She is media shy but now I want her to focus on her career as well."

    As he had said earlier that they both have opposite personalities, Shakti says, "I am short tempered but very patient whereas she gets angry and it takes hours for me to cajole her. Talking about the gyaan part and maturity levels, I am the Gyaan Guru in the relationship."

    Till the time he gets married, Shakti says he is happy with the way his career is shaping up too, "I am very happy with the way my role is developing and I am happy that my fans are loving me and have appreciated me" he concludes.



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