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    Default Karthik confesses about the 'emotional moment' that brought him closer to Jhanvi in Bade Achhe Lagte

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    It’s finally time for Karthik (Chirag Thakkar) to go down the memory lane and recollect about the ‘one-night stand’ that he had with Jhanvi (Sonal Parihar) in Sony Entertainment Television’s (Balaji Telefilms).

    Yes, now that Karthik is out of coma, viewers will be treated to a flashback sequence wherein Karthik talks to Natasha (Sumona Chakravarti) about the very situations that brought him closer to Jhanvi, resulting in their consummation.

    So the past story goes like this – post wedding, Karthik never had a peaceful married life with Natasha who was otherwise the bratty and arrogant girl. Natasha as usual, had a major showdown with Karthik wherein she compared him with her brother Ram (Ram Kapoor) and called him ‘a good for nothing’.

    Karthik barged out of the house, got drunk and went to Jhanvi’s house. A lonely Karthik found comfort and solace in Jhanvi, who was also distraught after the demise of her brother. When two lonely souls met, they came together and ultimately became one.

    We hear that a beautiful romantic sequence was shot between Chirag and Sonal yesterday (16 July 2013) which had a flow of subtle emotions and subdued feelings, finally bursting into sheer romance.
    When contacted, Chirag told us, “Yes, it is true that we shot such a sequence. Till now, viewers have been unhappy about Karthik cheating on his wife. This sequence will talk of the very situations that had forced Karthik to get close to Jhanvi. As a newcomer to the industry, it was a bit awkward for me to shoot for this intimate sequence. Having said this, I had to justify my character though.”

    Sonal had this to say, “Viewers will soon be getting to know about the moment when Karthik and Jhanvi got closer, as a result of which Jhanvi has Karthik’s kid today. It was a romantic shoot and hope viewers like it.”

    This particular passionate sequence air on 17 July 2013.



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