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    Default Karan forces Nimrit to wear short dress!

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    Tough time for Nimrit begins after her wedding with Karan in Life Ok’s Amrit Manthan…

    The wedding of Nimrit and Karan has happened against Nimrit's will in Rajan Shahi's Amrit Manthan. Though Nimrit played a game to stop this wedding from happeing but she failed against the mastermind of Karan (Angad Hasija) and the wedding happens. A tough life for Nimrit (Ankita Sharma) is on the anvil as Karan is all set to make Nimrit's life hell by torturing her.

    Our source says that, "In the upcoming tracks of the show, the viewers will get to see Karan forcing Nimrit to wear short clothes after marriage. Though Nimrit is embarassed wearing such short clothes, but later she agrees after Karan forces her. Nimrit comes before the family wearing short dress."

    Angad and Ankita remained unavailable to comment.

    It will be interesting for the viewers to watch as to how Nimrit will come in front of the family in short dresses and what will be the consequences of the same in the upcoming episodes of Amrit Manthan.



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