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    Default Jeet to meet with an accident

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    Chaos and confusion lands Jeet in trouble and finally he meets with an accident.

    Anamika on Sony TV is currently witnessing Anamika's (Simran Kaur) vicious act as she is hell bent in getting Jeet (Mudit Nayar) back in her life, and she is leaving no stone unturned to attract Jeet towards her.

    Our source says, "The coming episodes will show how Anamika who is in love with Jeet is all hell bent on having Jeet back in her life. She is trying all her black magic tricks to get close to Jeet. Jeet who is married to Chaavi (Shivani Surve) now is going through a mental dilemma as he is in love with Anamika but doesn't want to hurt Chaavi."

    "Furthermore, it will so happen that Anamika will call Jet at her residence and will slit her wrist to get Jeet's attention while Jeet will lie to Chaavi that he is in hospital as he has met with an accident.

    Hearing the news, Chaavi will rush to hospital whereas Jeet in a state of panic will drive the car in a haste and actually meet with an accident."

    "After which Chaavi will take utmost care of Jeet while Anamika will be furious on seeing Jeet and Chaavi closer."

    When contacted, Mudit Nayar, he said, "Yes, Jeet will meet with an accident and Chaavi will care for him."

    This particular episode will air in the coming days.



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