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    Default Initially, I was a bit cagey to play a parallel lead in Khoobsurat: Mitali Nag

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    Dusky beauty Mitali Nag is satisfied with her character in Sony Entertainment Television’s Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat.

    “It is quite different from my earlier character in Zee TV’s Afsar Bitiya. Here, since Prerna is an average looking girl, she gets very insecure when beautiful Aaradhya (Soumya Seth) comes to her house. Hence she tries to plot against Aaradhya and even attempts to commit suicide. Here I wish to add that Prerna is not negative, she is just a normal girl who has both the emotions. In a bid to make Prerna appear like any other girl, I deliberated to not use those TV antics which are employed by hard core negative characters,” Mitali says.

    So, what is the reaction of your fans? “Well, firstly, some people don’t like the fact that my character is not as strong as that in Afsar. Plus, they also don’t like the fact that we don’t show too many scenes with my husband Rahul (Abhishek Malik). I just wish to tell them to wait and watch,” she avers.

    Mitali also has no issues of playing a parallel lead after having played a lead. “Well, you know how it goes out here in Tellywood the moment your one show ends. You are expected to have another project in your kitty asap. That mostly does not happen for things do take some time to fall into place. In a way I am lucky to have landed Khoobsurat within four months of the shutting down of Afsar,” she observes.

    “As for insecurity, it is rampant in our industry. Initially, I was a bit cagey about doing a parallel lead but then I preferred to look at the positives as I was getting to play a character that I have not played before. Secondly, it also gives me enough free time to do my own thing. That does not happen if you play lead characters. I feel that I am using this free time to prepare myself for that big lead role which will one day surely come my way,” Mital maintains.



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