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    Default Indu is not completely negative, emotional and caring but a mixture of all these - Ananya Khare

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    We had heard that versatile actress Ananya Khare who plays Indu in Life OK’s Amrit Manthan (Director’s Kut Productions), knows ten languages. We called her up to enquire which languages she is conversant with. We got to know that she knows more than ten languages. She said, “I can speak Hindi, English, Rajasthani, Gujarati, Marathi, German, Sanskrit, Bengali, Haryanvi and Russian. I know a little Spanish which I picked up from my students and fellow teachers when I was teaching English in High School in Los Angeles. I had also picked up some Urdu in college, I can still speak it but I have forgotten how to write it.”

    Which were the easiest languages for her to learn? “Obviously the easiest to learn languages were English and Hindi. The most difficult language to learn was Russian, as its grammar is very complicated.”
    She attained a Master’s Degree in German Literature from Jawaharlal Nehru University. What had roused her interest to learn the German language? “My father has many German friends. I was interested in acting in German theatre as well. I already knew Sanskrit. The German language is very similar to Sanskrit.”

    Ananya has been a part of theatre, films and TV. If she was to choose one medium she has had the greatest satisfaction working in, what would that be? “Theatre is kind of an elitist profession. It isn’t money earning. However, as you perform live in theatre, you get to know the immediate reaction of the audience which is awesome.”

    The actress is having a great time performing in Amrit Manthan. “My Amrit Manthan look is a very different look from that of the Punar Vivah (season 1) look. I was previously playing Maya Bua on Punar Vivah. Indu is not completely negative, emotional and caring but a mixture of all these.”

    When she isn’t acting she is reading, listening to music, going for walks, playing with her dog and watching documentary films on art, religion, history and comedy shows. “I also like to cook. It isn’t really a hobby though.”

    It was quite a pleasure to speak to this talented actress who is so knowledgeable and has eclectic tastes. We wish her all the best in whatever she does.



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