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    Default Himani Shivpuri returns to Aaj Ki Housewife; Sunaina and Sona team up to thwart Chitrashi's evil mot

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    The cold war between Sona (Suhasi Dhami) and Chitrashi (Vandana Singh) heats up in Zee TV’s Aaj Ki Housewife Hai… Sab Jaanti Hai (Gulshan Sachdeva). While on one side Chitrashi wants to run off with Kanhaiya’s (Anirudh Dave) property by tricking everyone in her false innocence trap, Sona on the other hand knows the real motive of Chitrashi and is trying hard to save her family and Kanhaiya from Chitrashi’s evil motives.

    At this juncture will return the mighty Sunaina (Himani Shivpuri), the head of the Chaturvedi family. And the twist in the tale this time around will be that Sunaina will be supporting Sona and helping her in exposing Chitrashi and her mother Shakuntala.

    Surprising, is it? Yes, Sona will have only Sunaina to seek help from, after Kanhaiya starts to believe more in Chitrashi. Our source tells us that Chitrashi has succeeded in creating an impression in Kanhaiya’s mind that she is the sacrificing bahu of the Singh family. Since nobody in the Singh family is aware of Chitrashi’s motives, they frame Sona to be the jealous wife who always thinks Chitrashi is snatching away her husband, and that is why she wants to harm Chitrashi.

    We hear that Himani Shivpuri will start her shoot very soon, and her comeback sequence will be aired mid next week.

    When contacted, Himani, though, appeared to be clueless of her return in Housewife. “I really do not know what is happening. I have not been informed of anything as of now.”

    Can the powerful force of Sunaina and Sona join hands in spoiling Chitrashi’s plans?

    Let’s wait and watch.



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