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    Default Itís been years that I havenít had street-side food: Arhaan Behll

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    Handsome Punjabi munda Arhaan Behll, who rose to fame with his tough guy performance in Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya , is a fit guy and believes in living a healthy lifestyle.

    So letís ask him about his fitness and diet mantras.

    Personal fitness mantra: My fitness mantra is very simple; drink lots of water, eat healthy and hygienic food and exercise regularly. Since I basically care a lot about myself, I never eat something that will be harmful for my body.

    Personal diet mantra: As I am a Punjabi guy, I eat everything. But I will always eat in an interval of 2-3 hours. The one principle I always adhere to is never overeat.

    Are you a foodie? I am a big foodie.

    Are you a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian? Both, but I prefer veg food over non-veg.

    Favourite cuisine: Indian and Chinese.

    Favourite dish: Rajma chawal and chicken.

    A must on your breakfast table: I canít imagine a day without coffee.

    Sugar or sugar-free tea/coffee: I usually like black coffee without sugar.

    Lunch generally consists of: 2-3 rotis, sabzi, dal, salad and curd.

    Dinner generally consists of: My dinner is never fixed; but I try to have soup and salad if possible.

    Dessert delights: Chocolates.

    One thing I can't resist: Nothing as such.

    My favourite drink (non-alcoholic) : Any kind of Mocktail.

    My favourite drink (alcoholic) : I donít drink at all.

    At parties I have: I hardly have anything in parties.

    Most unusual dish I've tasted: The dish should look well and presentable and if it looks usual, I wonít eat.

    Experiment with food: Yes, I love to experiment.

    On the streets, I love to have: Itís been years that I havenít had street-side food.

    Do you cook? Neither do I know cooking nor do I want to learn the art. I feel suffocated whenever I enter the kitchen; so cooking is out.

    Fitness tip: I guess todayís generation knows very well how to stay fit. So exercise regularly and stay fit.



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