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    Default "If I get a good guy than I am ready to mingle" -Giaa Manek

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    We got in touch with the adorable actress Giaa Manek who talks about her dream man and being one of the eligible bachelors in the television industry...

    The talented and bubbly actress Giaa Manek who is currently portraying the role of Jeannie in the SAB TV's show 'Jeannie Aur Juju', spills the beans about her relationship status. The actress is very much single and therefore she is on the hot seat this week for our 'Most Eligible Bachelor 'column, with something interesting to share.

    Being single, are you ready to mingle?
    Well that totally depends upon the guy. If I get a good guy than I am ready to mingle (smiles). He should have the qualities of a good human being who can steal my heart.

    What is the first thing you notice in a guy?
    The way he carries himself is the first thing that I look at in a guy.

    What's the one thing that puts you off the most in a guy?
    The way he smells. Body odor just turns me off. I just don't like the guys who smell bad due to sweat.

    How do you want your dream guy to be like?
    He should be a very nice human being, understanding and caring. He should also understand my profession and allow me to work accordingly. He should respect me and my family. This is what I want my dream guy to be and not the tall, dark and handsome types.

    A man you admire the most?
    Salman Khan is the man I admire the most. I have a crush on him since childhood.

    If you could mix a Hollywood actress and a Bollywood actress to create your dream man, then who would you choose?
    Well I wouldn't want a mixture, Salman Khan alone would do. I am very much loyal to Salman Khan.

    Being a bachelor, how does it feel?
    I feel really good. After my pack up from the shoot, I get ample of time to spend on myself and my family. If I was committed to somebody than my time would get distributed. For now I am enjoying my single hood very much.

    If there was matrimony or a dating ad for you, what would it read like?
    Gia Manek - Transparent like a book. Not at all pretentious and very real.



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