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    Default Gunjan is real and thatís why she is so popular - Roopal Tyagi

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    Roopal Tyagi has today come a long way from being a choreographer to a successful actor. A workaholic to the core, Roopal has been in the entertainment business for a while now and she quite likes it. Not being a conventional beauty does not bother her as she rightly tells us that itís her connection with the audiences that matters.

    We gets into a conversation with the very real Roopal Tyagi.

    You started as a choreographer and went on to become an actor. Did you face any difficulty during this transition period?
    Not at all, the transition was easy for me as both the fields were related. In fact, choreography helped me in my acting career. It gave me behind the camera experience. When I got into acting I did not really have to start from scratch as I already knew the functioning.

    How important is Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke (SSLK) to you?
    SSLK is my baby and I am in love with my character Gunjan. I can proudly say that no other TV lead can even come close to how natural Gunjan is.

    Doesnít not being a conventionally good looking actress bother you?
    Gunjan is real and thatís exactly why she is so popular. Connect with the audience is what matters the most and I have managed to build that connect as Gunjan. So nothing really matters beyond this.

    How do you manage to balance work and personal life?
    TV stars hardly have a personal life as we shoot 365 days a year. But I am trying my best to manage both now. Whenever I get some free time, I do what makes me happy.

    So what makes you happy?
    I love watching movies, dining and spending time with my loved ones and friends. Thatís what makes me happy.

    Do you think TV industry friends can be 2 am friends?
    Yes, almost all my friends are TV actors and I can rely on them. My best friends Ankita Bhargava and Pariva Pranati too are TV actors and I am dead sure about them being by my side at any point of time. I can depend on them completely for everything.

    Where do you see yourself post Sapne?
    I will be doing south movies post Sapne. I have been offered loads of south projects but I will consider them only post Sapne.

    Does this mean you will quit TV?
    I will never quit TV. If something interesting comes up, I will take it up.

    Do you like the lifestyle that the industry tempts one to live in? Or did you like the one before this?
    I love this life as with a little rest and discipline, TV actorís life can be much better.



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