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    Default Ghanchakkar Movie Review

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    Movie: Ghanchakkar

    Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Vidya Balan, Rajesh Sharma and Namit Das

    Direction: Rajkumar Gupta


    Expert safe-locker cracker Sanju Athray [Emraan Hashmi]… along with two more expert criminals [Rajesh Sharma and Namit Das] plans out HUGE robbery, which is claimed as life settlement & retirment enabled. With the hillarious plan of using Amitabh, Dharmendra masks… The trio completes robery successfully. Sjany is given all the money to safe guard for 3 months till things get cool down and then the trio takes each of their cut.

    As planned rest of the team [Rajesh, Namit] re-appear after 3 months but only to find Sanjay as amnesia patient due to recent accident, draggin life with his wife Nitu [Vidya] and Sanjay refuse to identify them as well remembers neither about the robery nor the money. Did this trio managed to find the money? Was Sanjay’s amnesia real or did he played a dangerous game with Rajesh & Namit to evade the money? What does his wife got to do with all these? to be seen on silver screen.

    Star Performances

    Emraan Hashmi, as the lazy husband who loves his TV more than his biwi is perfect. He gets every mood and emotion of his character right! From his helpless frustration at his inability to deduce information to his guarded tendency of doubting everyone, Hashmi is impeccable and nuanced. My personal favorite from the film is when he plans his new bigger and better television with childlike glee!

    With the most ‘unfashionable’ clothes, a blatantly loud Vidya Balan is first rate in her work. Her confidence oozes through the slides. Effortlessly, the talented actress brings with simplicity the myriad layers of Neetu’s character. Her blazing volume every time she says ‘hain?!’ will crack you up and her perfect Punjabi diction solidifies her demeanor. As the bahu who mocks her saas every time she calls or as the wife who throws away her husband’s food into the dustbin simply because he had the audacity to point out the less salt in the dish brings out her boisterous side. But, with equal perfection Balan delivers a brilliant scene where she beats up the goons for attacking her husband. In a less heavy role this time, she gives an impossible-to-miss performance!

    The supporting actors Namit Das and Rajesh Sharma have compliment brilliantly as a duo. Bringing in the correct tinge of notoriety, they manage to keep you laughing while they bash up our hero! With a good sense of comic timing, the film works off mainly from their substantial performances!

    Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

    No One Killed Jessica, Aamir caught enough attention of not only audiences but also film critics… This further created buzz about Raj Kumar Gupta’s abilities in carving out script intelligently and executing the same flawlessly. Raj managed to bring-in the clever thought process into the way he presented story, He was successful in getting the stellar performances out of almost all the artists. The way he combined the Thriller with comedy elements was neat. But he wasn’t too successful picking in a virgin story such as No One Killed Jessica. Ghanchakkar story plot sounds more like from 1990′s and stands out to be minus of the film, repeated scenes in between… Confusion created due to taking audience from one time – to – another time with no leading time… may stand out as the minus and reasons for divide talk.

    Screenplay is another let down in Ghanchakkar… with rigirous screen play this movie should have certainly crossed the line of Safe Project. Editing is heart for movies of this genre, and the Ghanchakkar editor executed his duties very well by closing the movie before audience take the movie from above average to a dud. Background score was okay.

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    nice movie...... 1st half is boring but then it speeds up like a bullet train... I liked its LAST dialogue by Imran Hashmi...... "KON MAAN, KIS KI MAAN, KESA SUIT CASE"....... UFFFFFFFFFFF



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