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    Default Gear up for a double dose of "thrilling murder mystery" in Arjun

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    Star Plus’ show Arjun (4 Lions Films) has always kept its viewers on the edge of their seats with the exciting crime and chase sequences.

    This weekend one will be treated with a double dose of a thrilling murder mystery.

    As per a source, “In this Saturday (today’s) episode, one will see a woman found murdered in the jungle. Though it will look like a simple case of mugging, but with the ETF team gearing up for the investigation, Arjun will find out that the woman was being harassed by her in-laws for dowry.”

    This piece of information will make Arjun’s mind tick after which he will fight for justice of the dead woman.

    But, the Sunday episode will be a very pulsating one wherein the ETF will get a call saying that a well-known actress will be murdered that night. To get down to the details, the team will arrive at her place only to find that a party is going on and she is hale and hearty playing the perfect host to her guests.

    Dismissing the call as a crank call, when the ETF team is about to leave the place, one of the guests comes running out screaming that the actress is dead. This leaves everyone shell shocked, the source adds. A murder right under Arjun’s nose will surely make him all the more deadly ready to catch up with the culprit.

    It will be an interesting watch on how Arjun (Shaleen Malhotra) cracks the dual case and helps put the noose on the killers.

    Keep reading this space for more such exciting news.



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