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    Default There is a Gadhaprasad in every household who goes on making mistakes - Jitu Shivhare

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    A common profanity which escapes from our lips is, “You, donkey!” This verbal abuse is hurled at those we consider to have little brains and no individual opinion whatsoever. Jitu Shivhare who plays Gadhaprasad (the donkey) in SAB TV’s Chidiya Ghar (Garima Productions) has great respect for this animal which is generally despised. He explains, “People look down upon the donkey though it is a very useful animal. I am an ardent animal lover- I love the donkey as much as I love the holy cow. After all, this animal has given me so much of love and recognition on national television.”

    The donkey has not been personified in this serial. Instead, a human character has been bestowed asinine characteristics. The actor avers that characters like the donkey; who are incapable of doing anything right are very common in this world. “There is a Gadhaprasad in every household who goes on making mistakes.”

    When asked if he has added any nuances to his character he replied, “The director Ashwini Dhir, the creative team and writers had explained the character to me very well. I added the way a donkey laughs, cries, loves and forgives.”

    He ended the interview with a quip, “I am the donkey of my family too. Just like humans kick a gadha, I have also been kicked by life.”



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