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    Default 'I will not like to be on a show or film on a topic like match-fixing' - Salil Ankola

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    With Life OK’s Savitri (Flying Turtle Films) going back 1000 years into the past, Salil Ankola who plays the role of the Rajput King Jay Singh, will soon resume shooting for the show again. The actor who is in his mid forties looks younger than his age. We asked him if he will be made to look older on the series, now that he will be playing the father to a grownup princess. He replied, “In those times Rajput kings married early and had grown up daughters when they were still young. So, I do not have to look aged.”

    He plays a valiant warrior in the serial. We asked him if he had to take training in sword fighting. He explained, “I have been a part of the TV serial Ak...tion Unlimited Josh and action movies, so doing this role isn’t tough for me at all. I had also learnt sword fighting for the TV series, Noorjahan.”

    Mastering chaste Hindi was the only preparation the actor undertook. “The Hindi spoken in the ancient sequences is shudh Hindi. I am reading many Hindi books with similar language to get a hang of that.”

    He is full of reverence for the brave Rajput kings of the bygone era. “They fought valiantly to safeguard their honour and the values they believed in. We have such courageous Rajput kings like Maharana Pratap, and I think that that the Sony TV historical on this iconic Maharana is being executed very well.”

    He informed us that he is having a great time being a part of Savitri. “This is not a run-of-the- mill serial in which we shoot many scenes in a day with little attention to detailing. Great importance is given to each and every scene that we shoot. It is a pleasure to be a part of this series. After Noorjahan I hadn’t done a costume drama for a long time. The beautiful costumes and special effects in Savitri are translated on screen so beautifully.”

    In future, the cricketer turned actor, would love to be a part of a serial or film on cricket. “If it is good story like Iqbal, I would like to be a part of it as it would be nice to relive the life of a sportsman in reel life. I however feel that creatives would be more interested to make a fictional work on match fixing instead of something like Iqbal. I will not like to be a part of a show or film on a topic like that.”



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