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    Default I may be extremely short but I have thousands of fans- K K Goswami

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    Many urban Indian families aren’t complete without a domestic helper. Servants’ roles have been of considerable importance in many TV serials in the past and present. Citing a few examples from ongoing shows- Colors’ Na Bole Tum... Na Maine Kuch Kaha has a very caring servant called Guru who is his master Mohan’s inner voice. In Chidiya Ghar there is the jocular Gadha Prasad. In SAB TV’s Gutur Gu (Fireworks Productions) the endearing servant is the sweet and tiny KK.

    Nowadays more and more domestic helpers don’t live in servitude anymore. The autocratic way of treating them like almost slaves, fortunately seems to be in the process of coming to an end. They are being treated like salaried employees instead of bonded labourers. They are after all dignified Indian citizens entitled to fundamental rights.

    In Gutur Gu 2, the domestic helper KK (K K Goswami) is treated like a dear family member instead of a wage earner. As the story goes, KK was gifted in dowry when the mother of the family Bhavna Ahuja (Bhavna Balsavar) got married. This is precisely why Balsavar and Goswami have so many scenes together. KK’s birthdays are celebrated by the Ahujas and he is also taken out on trips.

    This family love KK so much that they often go out of their way to pamper him. Goswami elaborates, “They take care of each comfort of mine and ensure that I am happy. Once, my character wished for a girlfriend and the whole family went out of their way to help him in this endeavour. They took KK to a girl and made him propose to her. The track ended on an unhappy note though; with she breaking his heart. They had also strived to get him married which once again unfortunately didn’t materialise.”

    This caring family gives their domestic helper emotional support too. “If my character feels sad and empty inside, the whole family gets depressed. They try to cheer him up and make him laugh. They try their level best to ensure that he is happy.”

    The Ahujas give their servant so much of liberty that he is even allowed to laze around if he doesn’t wish to work. Goswami goes on to say, “At times when KK is not in the mood of working; the family not only permits him to idle but prepares meals for him and even serves him. They will even go to the extent of getting a maid to do his chores. Indeed, this servant is more powerful than his master.”

    In fact it seems that that the family has such deep affection for him as if he is a cute human doll. Indeed in one of the episodes of Gutur Gu, Goswami had even enacted as a doll to ‘replace’ a real doll which was broken.

    Off screen the actor has fans who are very fond of him for all the roles he has played. He says, “When I go to a public place I am fondly greeted. I may be extremely short but I have thousands of fans.”



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