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    Default I have eaten crocodiles, snakes, rabbits, kangaroos, grasshoppers...and what not: Avinesh Rekhi

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    Jaw dropping hot Avinesh Rekhi can make any girl go ga-ga with his looks and smile. Currently he is drawing eyeballs and appreciation portraying the role of Sultan in Colorsí Madhubala and there is no doubt that he has impressed masses with his razor sharp attitude and persona.

    As far as his fitness is concerned, you just canít take off your eyes from his muscular and lean body.
    So without much ado, letís talk to the man himself about his fitness regime.

    Personal fitness mantra: One can stay fit in any form of activity like running, sports, gyming or yoga, but the most important aspect is determination and staying focused.

    Personal diet mantra: I drink lots of water. I usually skip my dinner. This makes me stay fit.

    Exercise routine: Depending upon my shoots, I go to the gym where I indulge in both cardio and weight.

    Are you a foodie? Yes, very much. I have never been to any dietician in my entire life. But now to stay fit, I have to keep check on my eating habits.

    Are you a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian? I am a hardcore non-vegetarian.

    Favourite cuisine: Anything in non veg.

    Favourite dish: Since I am a Punjabi, I like my momís handmade churi; itís a kind of crushed paratha that has a layer of jaggery.

    A must on my breakfast table: 5 to 6 egg whites, Nutella chocolate sandwich and milk with musli, cornflakes and fruits.

    Sugar or sugar-free tea/coffee: I donít drink tea or coffee.

    Lunch generally consists of: My wife is a good cook and I always carry my dabba on the sets. My whole meal consists of chapatti, sabzi and salads.

    Dinner generally consists of: Mostly soup, salad and sometimes toast. And if in case I am hungry, then I drink lots of water.

    Dessert delights: All types of milkshakes, kheer and fruits.

    One thing I can't resist: Chocolates.

    My favourite drink (non-alcoholic): Strawberry shakes.

    My favourite drink (alcoholic): Long island ice tea. I am a lover of whisky and gin. I prefer only few brands in alcohol.

    At parties I have: I crave for parties where I eat whatever I feel like.

    Most unusual dish I've tasted: Oysters.

    Experiment with food: I have stayed in many countries and am not a person who will go abroad and ask for veg food. Till now, I have eaten everything from crocodiles to squids to grasshoppers to snakes to kangaroos to rabbitsÖ to what not.

    On the streets, I love to have: Nothing as such.

    Do you cook? I can cook but I stay away from doing so. Since I am very good at direction, I can direct anyone to cook.

    Fitness tip: Just eat healthy food and drink lots of water. Give 45 minutes a day to your body (as in exercise) to stay fit.



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