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    Default Eat Healthy, Stay Fit: Ridhi Dogra

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    Television actress Riddhi Dogra shares with us her secret mantra to stay fit and healthy…

    Staying fit, beautiful and smart is a part of the acting profession.

    Ridhi Dogra Vashisth who is blessed with beauty and an astounding body is currently seen in Life OK's popular show Savitri. In conversation with us, Riddhi talks about her fitness regime and inspires us to follow a healthy diet.

    What does fitness mean to you? What's your idea of fitness?
    Fitness is very important to me. It's not only about staying fit physically but also being healthy, which in turn helps me to work efficiently and stay positive with high energy.

    What efforts do you take to stay in shape?
    I'm not at all a gym person. And since now I'm much occupied with my shooting, I don't really get time to take any additional efforts to keep myself in shape. Otherwise, I usually prefer to walk a lot. Walking is the best activity to burn down your calories and remain healthy.

    Are you conscious about your food choices?
    Not really! Actually I wouldn't say that I'm conscious about my food choices, but I've always had a habit of eating healthy and nutrient-rich food even before I was an actress. Personally, I feel lucky that I don't crave for junk food or deep fried dishes. Since I'm a cold-coffee addict, I have it every day in my breakfast along with some eggs or brown bread. Further throughout the day, I eat home-cooked healthy food only.

    Three things you do every day to remain fit.
    1) Eat healthy food.
    2) Cycling for 15-20 mins
    3) Drink lots of water daily.

    What is your take on the zero figure craze among the girls?
    Well, I don't think so that there is a fad for a size zero figure amongst the girls now. In the quest for a zero figure, youngsters start taking crash diet which are inadequate in proper nutrition and do not provide the required vitamins and minerals to the body. In fact, some of the the actresses like Anushka Sharma and Priyanka Chopra are naturally slim. They have an active metabolism and that is the precise reason that weight does not even touch them.

    Is there any sport you are skilled at?
    For my current show Savitri, I have been trying my hands on sword fighting and I'm quite acquainted with it now. Though I'm not an expert in it, but yes, I enjoy sword fighting. Apart from this, I'm fond of swimming as its very refreshing, releases stress, it keeps you fit and feel free. Also, the other sport that I love is scuba-diving. Recently, I had been to Maldives with my husband and I enjoyed this sport. Having a glimpse of the underwater world is very exciting.

    A celeb body you admire.
    I admire Hollywood celeb Beyonce for her perfect body. She is are not exactly lean, but her overall appearance and flexibility makes her look sexy. It is very easy for celebrities to have a slim-trim body but what adds on to your personality is the way you proudly carry a voluptuous body.

    What is your fitness secret?
    Just eat right! Enjoy your food and stay healthy!

    A fitness tip for your fans.
    I would suggest everyone to eat healthy food and drink lots of water. Also, it is very important for everyone to have a good amount of sleep. Even if you don't follow a healthy fitness regime, a good sleep compensates for it. I would also suggest everyone to indulge themselves in any sport of their choice. You may have a busy life, but try and introduce a physical activity in your life. Like my husband RaQesh Vashisth is fond of cycling and even I follow it for 15-20 mins daily. It helps to burn down your calories and maintain a good obese free body.



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