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    Default I don't have time to socialise: Mudit Nayar

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    Mudit Nayar of Sony Entertainment Television’s Anamika is quite happy with the way his supernatural show is shaping up.

    “This Vikas Sethi, Mahesh Pandey produced project has given me a chance to showcase my different skill sets. Initially I played a carefree guy but now I have become a mature man after the death of Rano (Annie Gill). The former graph was tougher to play as I am not like that. I am more what my character Jeet is today i.e. someone who keeps to himself and speaks only when spoken to.”

    “I have grown as an actor. At first I would underplay but now I have realized that we need to be a bit loud as that is the requirement of this small screen format,” he reveals.

    Here Mudit adds that, “he is among a few TV stars who actually get noticed on the streets of Mumbai.”

    “Normally Mumbaikars don’t bother abut small screen actors. But luckily people come forward and want to get pictures clicked with me. Recently we had gone to Amritsar for a tour. We were mobbed by the people at the Golden Temple. They were calling out to us as Jeet and Rano.”

    Mudit who had broken up with his girlfriend late last year says, “I don’t have time for social life or to socialise. My friends complain that I ignore them. I don’t visit social networking sites. Forget watching movies in the theater, I don’t even have time to watch them on my computer,” he ends.

    Mudit all the best for your future endeavours!!!



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