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    Default "I don't have anything against Sanaya": Farhan Khan

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    Actor Farhan Khan who has been replaced by Anuj Sachdeva in Chhanchhan claims that he has been misinterpreted and holds no grudges against Sanaya Irani...

    Sony TV's much talked about show Chhanchhan which had been surrounded by controversies from quite a long time has now finally heaved a sigh of relief. After a lot of hullabaloo and repeated blame game,

    For the same, we got in touch with Farhan Khan, who played the main lead right from day one and contributed to the journey of 50 episode till he was replaced by Anuj Sachdeva.

    Chhanchhan has completed its 50th episode. How do you feel?
    The show has completed its journey of 50 episodes. All my best wishes to each and everyone associated with the show. I really hope the show rocks and climbs up the TRP chart very soon. Not just 50, I wish that Chhanchhan completes 1500 episodes with great popularity and success.

    Do you miss Chhanchhan?
    Well, 'missing' is not the right word I would say, but yes I remember all the friends I made while I was a part of the show. In fact during the course, I developed a real brother-sister bonding with Vividha Kirti who is playing the role of Mansi in the show. Even Dhiraj Miglani and Supriya Pathakji became my good friends. It was a pleasure to work with them.

    What has been your fondest memory of this show?
    Chhanchhan itself is my fondest memory. It was my first television show and I remember each and every moment I have spent living Chhanchhan. It will always remain close to my heart.

    One lesson this show has taught you?
    As far as Chhanchhan is concerned, it has taught me a lot of things. In fact, I feel blessed that I was a part of the show. I gave my 100% and lived every second of it with a positive approach. I even came across many comments and articles criticizing me but let me tell you, all sorts of criticisms are welcomed. I'm a very philosophical person and as Sant Kabir has said,
    "Nindak niyare rakhiye, angan kuti chhavay
    bina pani sabun bina, nirmal kare subhay."

    It means that - Keep your critiques close to you; let their hut be in your courtyard because that way you don't need soap and water to cleanse your nature! I follow the same path and I don't mind people speaking bad about me because it's their opinion, I cannot help it.

    What are your views about Sanaya Irani?
    Well, Sanaya Irani is really very beautiful. She is a very nice person and an amazing actress. I respect her and I don't have any grudges against her. In fact, I wish her all the good luck for her future and may she keep shining as always.

    But Sanaya Irani has reacted to your earlier statements by wishing you 'best of mental health and a good career'. How do you respond to that?
    We come across so many people in our life. Not necessary all of them will become our friends or everyone will like us. We cannot force anybody; after all it's an individual's choice. But I never thought Sanaya would say such things about me. Not many people know that I am studying to be a lawyer, I'm also planning to pursue my M.Phill and PhD further. So tell me, how can someone claim that I am not in good mental health. I'm very much educated and in a good health. 'Main Pagal Nahi Hun" (Laughs). All I would say is...
    "Here's a sigh to those who love me, and a smile to those who hate

    And whatever the sky is above me, here's a heart for every fate."
    I believe the best way to live a happy life is to forgive everyone. It's about living with purpose and truly moving forward. 'Forgiveness' is a connection between me and my almighty. And I don't have any hard feelings for Sanaya, no matter whatever she thinks about me. There is no cold war as such and I presume my statements were misinterpreted and framed in a wrong way that added more oil to the fire. And may be Sanaya's statements were just a reaction to the much hype created around. I am a very simple guy who follows Mahatma Gandhi. I have never said anything bad about Sanaya.

    How about Anuj Sachdeva as the new Manav?
    Anuj is a great actor. Why would I say anything bad about him, he is doing his job well and that's how it should be. In fact, earlier I decided to go on to the sets personally and wish Anuj all the good luck for Chhanchhan but after all the confusion and hyped-controversies, I stepped back.

    Any message to your fans?
    To all those who have appreciated my work and supported me throughout - Thank you so much. You guys are the real critics and hope you'll see me with some good work once again.

    What about your future plans?
    I truly believe that life is a process which continues no matter what the circumstances. In this journey, you meet people, become friends, leave behind some of them and move on again, but the process never stops. Life is just so beautiful to explore. Chhanchhan was a part of my life, and not the end. I'm a born fighter. There are things going around which I cannot talk about as of now, but you'll soon get to know about it.



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