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    Default Dharti Lok to be submerged in floods!

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    Optimystix's Baal Veer on SAB TV will focus on the current calamity that occurred in the city of Uttarakhand!

    Using real life situation in stories is not new to our television folks. The current flood tragedy in Uttarakhand has become generated a story idea in Baal Veer on Sab TV.

    Our source informs us that, Bawandar Pari (Deepiksha Nagpal) will capture the rain clouds so that Dharti Lok doesn't get any rain. However when Natkhat Pari (Aditi Sajwan) gets to know about this incident, she creates clouds so that dhartilok gets its share of rain.

    As and when Bawandar Pari gets to know about Natkhat Pari's invention of creating clouds, Bawandar Pari will relesse her captured clouds too and this way Dharti Lok will witness major floods!

    Baal Veer along with all the paris in the Parilok will help Dhartilok.

    When contacted Aditi Sajwan she confirmed the news saying, "Yes, a very interesting sequence is coming up."



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