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    says Manish Nawani aka Avijit of Channel Vís The Buddy Project, who has become popular by playing pivotal roles in 12/24 Karol Bagh, Roomies and in movies like Shuttle Cock Boys and Story of my lifeÖ

    Manish Nawani better known as Avijit of Sunshine Productions' The Buddy Project Season 2 - Now in College, has gained immense popularity in the show. Manish shares more about his early life, his professional life, his life on the sets of The Buddy Project and much more in this exclusive interview with us..

    How did acting happen to you?

    I would like to give the entire credit to producer Sudhir Sharma, who convinced me to step into the field of acting. I had certain misconceptions but he changed my views and I took up the challenge. Whatever he promised to deliver, he kept his promise. Then it just followed or I can say I just met the right people and work kept on coming. After getting into TV, I realized that this is what I was missing. Television gave me financial as well as mental stability.

    Was acting on your mind since your childhood days?

    Yes, even when people asked me as a kid what I wanted to become when I grow up I would always say, 'A hero'. We were not allowed to watch TV at home. In my 2nd grade, I had done a play in which I played lord Rama. I loved the attention I got. I was all in my character. When I reached the 6th grade, I stopped acting and got into singing since my Mom insisted. I tried playing drums and bongo. I got myself trained in singing for 5 years. While I was doing my English honors I got into dramatics and that's when I realized that this is what I wanted to do. So I got enrolled in Xavier's for film making to understand what goes behind the camera first.

    Tell us something about your character in The Buddy Project?

    I play the character of Avijit Chandan Roy who is a superstar's son. His father over shadows him and he wants to make his own space and identity. This guy is not close to his father but in real life I am very close to my father, but I lost him last November. To portray a role of not being close to your father was a challenge for me. I had to forget my relationship with my father and give it a good shot. Avijit has a defence mechanism. He is very close to his sister Avantika since he is not with his father. He has an arrogant behavior towards his rivals.
    How do you feel doing the buddy Project?

    It's amazing! I feel like I am back in college. In fact the day I am not shooting, I feel depressed. I have made good friends. We do masti and hang out together. I share my room with Samridh Bawa and we share a lot of things. This show has given me so much. Sudhir's team has always been like a family. We have never experienced any fights, like what we hear from others in the industry since he chooses the right people.

    Which show according to you has proved to be a turning point in your career?

    It has to be Karol Bagh. The character graph was beautiful and I got my first feel of fame because of that show.

    What have you learnt over the years? What changes did you notice in the industry over the years?

    I have learnt that one should do their your own job and shouldn't step into other's business. The effort has to be the same no matter what; if you take anything for granted you will lose all of it. About the changes, I can say that the industry has become more professional. It has become more organized, the budgets have increased, the unions are working wonderfully and the productivity has increased. I get more time for myself. TV has a high reach today. Films are definitely a big medium but today TV is none the less.

    How is it working with the same production house for the second time in your acting career?

    It's amazing! Sunshine Productions is like a family to me and the producers Sudhir and Seema are close to me. We gel really well and I take guidance from Sudhir as he is like an elder brother to me. I do not have to worry about anything when he is there; I trust him. He is always my first priority if I have to choose between working with him or any other project. I am a TV actor only because of him.

    With whom do you share the best bond on the sets?

    I share the best bond with Samridh Bawa on the sets. We have a similar call time, we share the same makeup room and we gel really well. I share a great bond with everyone on the sets. Manav sir, Palak Jain, Kunal Kulbhushan Jaisingh, Bharti Kumar, Fahad Ali, Nikhil Mehta, Sonal Vengurlekar and Avantika find a brother in me. I go to them and even they come to me for advice.

    How do you like to spend your leisure time?

    I love to read, watch movies, listen to music with dim lights and like to go to the gym.

    Are you active on any of the social media?

    Yes I am on Twitter and Facebook; not addicted but I use it whenever time allows.

    A craziest fan encounter so far?

    A girl on Facebook was sweet in the start but it got a little too much when she got to know about my whereabouts. I had to finally block her but I do reply to my fans.

    Do you know cooking?

    I love to cook. People tell me I make good Palak Ki Sabzi and Chicken. Mumbai has taught me how to cook. Earlier, I used to cook and take food on the sets but now I cook only at get-togethers as I get less time.

    Any special habit?

    I have a habit of writing a diary.

    Do you believe in destiny?

    I do believe in destiny. I think that whatever is meant for me, will come to me. It's magical how it works. It finds me even if I am not looking. Hard work and patience are equally important though.

    What kind of roles would you like to play in future?

    I would love to play a character with grey shades! It should be a balance of good and bad.



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